Working with GEDCOM Files Made Easy - Part 3

June 2008 by Robert 

Working with GEDCOM files - You CAN do it!!

You CAN do it…

Here, you will see how to work with GEDCOM files in a different genealogy software program, Family Tree Maker.

You will also see a search on one of the many sites on the Internet where you can get GEDCOM files with the surnames that you are researching.

I believe that the light bulbs will start going off in your mind, and you will finally understand what all of the fuss about GEDCOM files is all about.

Part 3: You CAN DO It!

Where Do You Get GEDCOM Files?

  • Create them with your genealogy software.
  • From other genealogy researchers (online and offline).
  • Email attachments.
  • On the Internet (on Web pages that other researchers have created).
  • From genealogy databases (like

RESOURCE: The Genealogy Software Programs
Shown in this GEDCOM Workshop are:

PAF (Personal Ancestral File): PAF is a free genealogy and family history program that
allows you to quickly and easily collect, organize and share your family history and genealogy information.

You can download this powerful free genealogy software from the site. Click on this Personal Ancestral File link, you will see the link to get the PAF software on the front page.

Family Tree Maker: This link will take you to the latest version of the popular Family Tree Maker 2008.

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One Response to “Working with GEDCOM Files Made Easy - Part 3”

  1. Beverly on July 17th, 2008 4:57 pm

    Fist I would like to say Welcome to Indiana. I hope you like it as much as I do and have for over 40 years.
    Now, your video’s are great and really help folks to understand the workings of Gedcoms. I have been a long time fan of yours and can’t begin to thank you for all the wonderful tips,hints and tricks I have learned from you. I do have a question however. I have made a major mistake in handling my research in that when I downloaded a gedcom I just imported it right in to my main file which means, like you I have over 25,000 names in my file. What I would like to know is if there is an easy way to pull out just the main lines I want? I know I could go through and pick each name etc., or start fresh and hand type everything I want in a new file but sure am hoping you can tell me an easier way. I would suggest that you point out to folks that the might not want to make this mistake as it have made a real monster of my research. I use Family Tree and have for years but never relized that I should have kept the downloaded gedcoms seperate.
    Hoping you can help and keep up the great work you do.

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